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This Week at the Box: September 7-12

September 7, 2015 blog

Reminder, we are closed for Labor Day!

Week one of the new cycle, and Train Heroic! The general consensus on the new program seems to be “soreness”- but hey, that’s to be expected, right? Train Heroic is slowing forming up; we’ve gotten great feedback from you all and passed everything along to the support team. Much of what you are requesting is on the roadmap and should be implemented over time. For specific issues, email ; make sure to list what type of operating system and browser you are on.

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: Honeys will revisit the push up progression, while Skunks will keep on working on the ring dips- then both groups will get after the CFCDA Tri! Heart and Barbell club at 6:30.

Wednesday: Snatch work for the skunks, while Honeys get ab-tastic with TGU and ab discs; both groups will get a chance to test 15.5 (always a favorite, eh?)

Thursday: Farmer Complex a-comin’! What’s a Farmer Complex? Show up, find out! Heart and Barbell club at 6:30.

Friday: Annie will be on tap for the Honeys, while a “Annie Plus” version awaits the Skunks; but only after both groups hit up the Sumo/Snatch Grip Deadlift.

Saturday: Balls to the Wall, with a twist: burpees, wallballs, and running (oh my!). Heart and Barbell club at 7:30.



2 responses to “This Week at the Box: September 7-12”

  1. Tia Vesser says:

    Question: I can’t find the Tues-Thur. later classes. It only shows the Skunkworks and Honeybadger workouts.
    Am I not looking in the right area for the ❤️ And Barbell/Competitors class workouts. ???

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