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This Week at the Box: September 13-20

September 13, 2015 blog

Greetings from Italy. Nice to know I can still reach and a make you all swear at me from half a world away!

Anyways. Train Heroic has updated their back end to offer daily workout publishing, like in the old days (3 weeks ago). We are trying it- everything should post at 5pm the day before you are supposed to it- so you can still cherrypick, but you won’t be able to do it a week ahead of time:).

Monday: In Bulgaria Split Squat does you. Then Honeys have their namesake WOD, “Badger”, while Skunks have theirs: “Skunk”. Goblet squats anyone?

Tuesday: Honeys will revisit the push up progression (band-resisted push ups, wut?), while Skunks will keep on working on the ring dips. 90ninety awaits the Skunks, where the aforementioned swearing will come in. Honeys get off easy with a workout called “Liar Liar“.  Heart and Barbell club at 6:30.

Wednesday: Clean and Jerk work for the skunks, while Honeys get ab-tastic with TGU and ab discs; Honeys pay the piper with “Pants on Fire“, a 3 person-waterfall-AMRAP, which I’m pretty sure I made up. Skunks are gonna run. A lot.

Thursday: Whoa hey, who put sled drags here again? Almost like it’s planned. Heart and Barbell club at 6:30.

Friday: The Whole Life Challenge WOD. Skunk and Honey versions await.

Saturday: 10-1 Good Buddy– it might make you throw up in your mouth just a little. I mean that in the best way possible. Heart and Barbell club at 7:30.

And now, here is a video of Dmitry Klokov singing “happy birthday” to Arnold Schwartzenegger, just because:

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