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This Week at the Box: October 19-24

October 19, 2015 blog

Oh man. You know what? Only two weeks till my favorite party of the year, the CFCDA Halloween Party! Costume contests, karaoke, video games, feats of strength, good food, free booze. Need I say more?

This week, we’ll continue on with the EDT lovin‘, and see some re-tests rear their (lovely) heads.


We’ll be building off of some of the skill work we did last week, while introducing some new movements as well. Friday and Wednesday skills remain the same; while Monday gets a new push/pull challenge: the archer row and push up! HB’s will have 2 retests this week, with the CFCDA Tri and Liar Liar coming back around (we did those on the 8th and 15th of September, respectively). We are also going to give you all a chance to put that double under tech work to use, with KB Annie on Wednesday (last time around, only the Skunks got a crack at that one). HB’s will also get an early crack at Friday’s Skunk test, The Gutcheck, on Thursday!


Here’s how you’ll adjust your EDT loads, based on your reps last week:

up to 39 reps: no change, go for more reps.

40-49 reps of a barbell movement: add 10 pounds.

50+ reps of a barbell movement: add 20 pounds.

Generally the secondary movement (pull up, leg raise, and HSPU) will mirror the reps of the primary- if those secondary movements are too easy/too hard, see a coach- we’ll help you dial it in.

Skunks will also be seeing some retests, as well as some fancy new workouts: Both the CFCDA Tri and KB Annie are comin’ back around; we’ll also be testing your mental fortitude with the Gutcheck and a 3-way sled WOD on Wednesday. Thursday brings a new option: The Skill Focus. Skunks can come in and work specific skills. This week, it is the muscle up and bar muscle up.

Heart and Barbell:

We continue the third pull focus, with new movements: the tall snatch, jerk, and clean. Each of these movements has zero bar movement prior to pulling (or pressing) under, and are great for teaching speed. We’ll also be setting up to build towards heavier loads with some more heavy single work with the snatch balance, jerk, and high hang clean.

Enjoy the week!

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