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This Week at the Box: Oct 5-10

October 5, 2015 blog

Badgers and Skunks, rejoice! with a new month comes a shift in programming- you’ll find some new movements, and some familiar too. At the heart of the new program is escalating density training– you can read more about it from the programs’ designer, Charles Staley, here. The cliff notes version: we do two movements, usually a lift and another complementary move that uses opposite muscle groups, back and forth for as many reps as we can in a given timeframe. It is sweaty, effective training- those of you who have been with us for a few years will recall we’ve done this before!

This week, we’ll be seeing a lot of the same workouts we had in week 1 of the Fall Program- The Good Hurt, Manmaker Meltdown, 7 Samurai, Double Under Helen, and Everyone’s Favorite all rear their (lovely) heads again, so make sure to check Train Heroic for those old scores- we want to see the PR board packed! Meanwhile, Honeys get a special treat, with The Test (Skunks will get a crack at that one later). Skills for both groups will be prepping for the following week, when we begin EDT in earnest.

Heart and Barbell (and the Muscle Hamsters) are getting a new series of movements to focus on; where we focused heavily on coming around the knees and setting up that second pull in prior weeks, now we’ll be honing in on the third pull- think snatch balance, jerk balance, and high hang cleans. Hamsters will have some fun flexing on new movements: they will be progressing through heavy thrusters, push presses, and good morning/pendlay row supersets. We’ll keep our Ass n’Abs supersets going, with slight changes.

As always, we are excited to see you guys in the gym, and to keep making WICKED GAINZ.

5 responses to “This Week at the Box: Oct 5-10”

  1. Wendy Stidham says:

    Jonathan, for the Hamster group, is there going to be a different set of of movements for the strength portion?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Yes- Hamsters will be focusing on thruster/push press/ and a good morning-pendlay row superset.

    • Susan Cliff says:

      Is there any way us people that have not been able to get on TH website to get the WOD? I’m just not thrilled with the new website. Just want to be able to check the WOD like it use to be. Evey time I go to TH it sends me to the Market website to buy things. Please just let me look up the WOD on your website.

      • Jonathan says:

        Hey Susan! Yeah we are hoping to have that functionality back here within a few weeks. TH shouldn’t be shilling stuff at you though, I’ll get in touch with them about that. Otherwise, you should be able to access the wod quickly and easily from your mobile, I’ll be happy to show you when you are in the gym next!

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