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This Week at the Box! Oct 26-31

October 26, 2015 blog

Happy Halloween Week!

Obviously the most importantest thing: The CFCDA Halloween Party! This Friday, 7pm. Costumes, cider, pot-luck, and the Goon KILLING it on the karaoke mic?! Yes please. 

We’ll be seeing a mix of old and new; some WODs we’ve done earlier in the cycle, and some shiny-new WODs.

Among the repeat testers:

See Spot Run (HB’s), last done 9/24.

Chippish (HB’s), last done 9/23.

Theory of Everything (Skunks), last done 9/23

Hangin. Cleanin. (Skunks), last done 9/21

#crossfitrowing (Buddy CF), last done 9/26

Honey’s skill focus this week includes the Kettlebell Quick Lifts (think clean, jerk, and snatch) on Tuesday; we’ll then apply some of those movements on Wednesday in Double Trouble. Friday brings a Honey take on a skunk challenge: The Devil’s Combo, made Honey-approved.

Skunks get some hurt on Wednesday with Dancer’s 3-hundo– you’ll just have to come and check it out! We’ll be crushing the EDT again this week; make sure to get with a coach to adjust loads! Thursday is typically a skunk rest day; so we are offering up a handstand walk skill sesh for those of you who want to come in, get your stretch on, and work on mad skillz.

Heart and Barbell continues on their linear progression towards WICKED PR’s, with slight changes to percentages and reps.

All in all, a badass week at a badass box. We love you all, see you in the gym!

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