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This Week at the Box: Oct 12-17

October 12, 2015 blog

Of note: We are working with the folks at Train Heroic to add the WOD feed back to the blog- hopefully this functionality will be back by the end of the month! 


Rotating skill work all week, with legs and pull-up focus Monday, a chance to learn/improve the power snatch Tuesday; Happy Shoulders Wednesday, Core work Thursday, and you’ll be feelin’ those hammies on Friday! Your workouts are all fun, sweaty affairs (as they should be)- with the old favorite -2k- occupying the place of honor Monday. I’m super excited about “Mush”, Wednesday’s WOD- it looks to be a blast!


EDT in earnest! Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are EDT days. those days will feature shorter (notsomuch easier) workouts, while you all get used to the volume and effort that EDT requires. “The Test” is on Tuesday- Honeys did it last week- your turn now!

Heart and Barbell Club:

We are keeping with the snatch balance and high hang clean- this week, 5×1 at last weeks’ best. Thursday is a bit different; all athletes will do both the oly and strength portions!

The Mean Machines: 

Some of you may have noticed the new blackboard up; with “The Mean Machines” printed in bold. Here’s the lowdown:

-this is extra cardio that you can do in addition to class.

-open to Honeybadgers and Skunks

-two workouts posted a week, pick one or both. Erg/bike/ski are all options.

-you may do these during class hours, with the following exceptions: 1. these cannot be done following or before a class you just attended/plan to attend. You must make time to come in separately. 2. If the class is full, or using the machines, we ask that you do come in to do extra work.

-put your name on the board if you do a WOD, or tag @cfcoeurdalene with #themeanmachines and a screengrab!


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