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This week at the Box: November 2-9

November 2, 2015 blog

November. Wow.

As always, the CFCDA Halloween party was off the chain. Check back for an overview, and get on the CFCDA Honeybadgers Facebook Page for some great pics/videos that you won;t find anywhere else!

November brings us to the final 3 weeks of this program- Skunks will be continuing on with EDT, while HB’s will see a wholesale shift in skill work. Both groups will be seeing a mix of re-test WODs and brand-new workouts. Here’s an overview:

Re-test WODs: 

30 for 30 (HB and Skunk): 30 on 30 off, for 20′!

No Quarter (Skunk only): triplet of power snatch, ring dip, and double unders. Sprint!

HoneyHeck (HB only): swing, burpees, and air squats- sweaty sweaty!

AMBRAAAP (HB only):sit ups, DB cleans, and box jump overs.

Honey’s will have an opportunity to learn some new KB moves on Monday, and both groups will have an option to improve their rope climb tech on ThursdayMean Machines will be an optional WOD on Thursday as well. Honey’s who want to work their booties should mark Friday on their calendars, a new skill session awaits!

Skunks: EDT continues. Remember, loading is absolutely critical here, get with a coach if you have questions. Comp class has a special series this week, we’ll be challenging the group with some wicked combos. Friday all skunks will get a crack at the 1k ski erg world challenge, let’s see whatcha got!

Heart and Barbellers get new shoulder GAINZ workouts, and keep the 3rd pull progressions going. Retest is coming, lets keep pushing!

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