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This Week at the Box- November 16-21

November 16, 2015 blog

We’ve had a GREAT week last week, culminating in Saturday’s home-and-home competition, where Coach Meagan and Alex defended our honor, and made certain the Gilded Shakeweights stayed in their rightful place! If you missed it, it was a blast! Stay tuned for the next home-and-home!

Last week, we saw the end of of EDT (for now)- which can only mean one thing: TEST WEEK! As both a coach and athlete, this is like every christmas and birthday I’ve ever had, wrapped into one. Seriously. Let the GAINZ begin.

Skunks will be testing their 10-rep skills on Monday (back squat), Wednesday (overhead squat), and Friday (deadlift). Here are some other re-test WODs, with the previous test day in parenthesis:

The Test (10/6) Honeys and Skunks

The Good Hurt (10/5) Skunks only

Everyone’s Favorite (10/7) Skunks only

MisFit Meltdown (10/10) Honeys and Skunks

2k. (10/16) Honeys and Skunks

Sweaty Badgers (10/7) Honeys only

Heart and Barbell will be testing the 1-rep snatch balance (Tuesday), 1-rep clean and jerk (Thursday), and 1-rep snatch (Saturday).

Hard to believe it has been 12 weeks since I got to program for you guys; it is always a blast seeing you all push yourselves through workouts, and make those GAINZ. Derek has a great new cycle planned for you all- get pumped!




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