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This Week at the Box: End of Sept!

September 28, 2015 blog

Here we are, week 5 of the fall program!

Train Heroic has a bunch of new features, including a Rx/Scaled slider that you can click to ensure that the leaderboard is accurate. Additionally, make sure to check out your profile, and ensure that you have the correct gender selected (the default is male).

Week five brings us to the end of a few of our strength progressions; the split squats, push ups, and deadlift variations all come to a close this week.

Additionally, the Heart and Barbell club Muscle Hamster group will be finding new 3 rep maxes at all classes this week, while the Oly group will have a chance to set a new Oly total on Saturday!

Honeys and Skunks both have fun, challenging weeks ahead of them; Skunks will be able to apply all that ring dip work on Monday, while the Honeys will use their newfound push-up skillz on Friday!

This week, sleds move to Tuesday; while erg and dyno work move to Thursday- thrusters make a triumphant return on Wednesday.

Strap in for another great week!


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