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February 25, 2016 blog

Ok Tribe: you can refer to this blog post throughout The Open to answer any and all Open-related questions! Feel free to comment below, we’ll answer!

How do I sign up? Go to The CrossFit Games website, click “register” (the red big button in the upper right corner), and follow the instructions. It’s gonna cost $20. Totally worth it.

Why should I sign up? So. Many. Reasons. My favorite: The Open is a common thread across not only our gym, but ALL CrossFit gyms, IN THE WORLD. I’ve literally found common ground with folks while travelling overseas discussing our favorite (and most UN-favorite) Open workouts. Completing The Open can be a way to test yourself, or to measure your progress; it can be a great motivator, and it can be a reality check. Mostly though, it is a great excuse to hang out with your buddies, cheer loudly, and throw back some frosty beverages. Pretty much like every other awesome thing out there.

When does it start? February 25. Sign ups close Feb 29 at 5pm PST

When does it end? March 28, at 5pm.

When do we do the workouts? Friday Night Lights begin at 4pm, every Friday. We go till the last athlete is finished, with heats running every 15-25 minutes (depending on the WOD of the week).

What if I can’t be there on Friday? No problem! We’ll be running a heat at every class Friday morning, too. If you can’t make Friday, we’ll accommodate as best we can- just get on Facebook and set up a time to meet a judge, and get it done prior to Monday at 5pm!

I can’t compete with Those People. What if I can’t do a movement? Then we scale it- no biggie. There are two workouts every week- scaled and Rx. Chances are pretty good you’ll be able to get at least a rep on the board; if things get a bit hairy, your coaches will adjust the WOD so you get a great workout, regardless. Like we do every day!

How do I reserve a heat for Friday Night Lights?  You’ll be able to reserve a spot online as usual; we won’t be able to get the heats online until we know how long the WODs will be; so reserve online Thursday after 5:30. The gym will open at 3:30; so  you can get warmed up properly.

Tell me more about Friday Night Lights! Every week, we’ll have a keg ‘o something from a favorite local brewer. We’ll also do our best to have some BBQ on hand for sale (supplied by our good buddies Trent and Kelly’s Brisket Bus). Prize giveaways, fun spectator events, and stupid human tricks will all be going down. Bring your family, bring your friends! It’s a blast, and the more, the merrier!

Also, to add a little extra fun to the Open we will be having “Themed Fridays.” You can wear anything all day long on Friday related to the theme. We will remind you every week, but here they are in advance in case you really want to get those outfits planned!

Week 1- Spirt of the Tribe: wear anything related to Crossfit CDA! Our colors are orange and blue!

Week 2- Super Hero/Marvel comic characters

Week 3-Funny Crossfit Shirts

Week 4-Disney

Week 5- 80’s

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