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The Open is over… what now?

March 29, 2017 blog

Congrats to everyone that participated in this year’s Open! The Friday Night Lights were a blast, the Team Intramural was super fun, and there were some amazing performances and PR’s!

One of the useful things about the Open is, that it can be used as a data point to compare to previous years and the years ahead. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if we’re getting more fit every year. The ability to see where you placed in relation to other years is a great reminder that you are indeed increasing your fitness. Remember, it’s YOU competing against YOU! It’s also a good diagnostic tool… go to the leaderboard and check out your placement for each of the 5 weeks. Did you have one workout that was way off the mark? Did those muscle ups hurt your placement? NOW is the time to start working on them, and be ready for next year!

And for some of us, the competitive season is just starting…

Congrats to Mama T and Glen for placing within the top 200 IN THE WORLD in their respective age brackets to move on to the Masters Qualifier! Also, give a high five to Ethan Jolley for moving on to the Teens Qualifier! These 3 athletes will be invited to compete in a 4 day, online competition, which is an incredible accomplishment! The top 20 from each category will receive a ticket to compete at the CrossFit Games!

And in case you haven’t heard, Team CFCDA will be competing at the West Regional June 2-4 in Portland! Only 15 teams qualified from a pool of over 200, where we placed 7th! This was a community effort… the energy and drive from every one of you pushed our top athletes to perform their best, so thank you! Here is a list of athletes that scored this year for the team:

Michael Jolley

Matt Anderson

Ben Wardell

Kole Griffen

Braden Mowry

Zach Keiser



Sara Wardell

Karen Bryan

Jeanni Blankenbaker

Janet Durant

Melissa Cazier

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