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The Next Episode…

November 5, 2016 blog

We’ve heard some grumbling from the masses about the cycles being too easy, 3 minute workouts, and something about the boys going too soft on all of you so welcome to the MEGCHANET CYCLE!

The girls are testing their programming hats and Jonathan and Derek have graciously allowed us to write the workouts for the next 6 weeks.

We are extremely excited and almost giddy to write some workouts for all of you and this is what you can expect…

We will have some continuity across the board with Honeys and Skunks, Honey’s focusing on a nice building stage with some barbell movements and making sure we are hitting the core and Skunks finding some 3 rep max strength sets. Tabata Tuesday’s are back for both groups with different skill choices based on where you are at. Get ready to test your core and gymnastics strength as well, we have some great drills planned for all levels!

We hope you all have fun, sweat, and gain some strength along the way.

Meagan, Janet & Channy

One response to “The Next Episode…”

  1. Gena Schuette says:

    Sooooo excited! Congratulations Megchanet!

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