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The next 8 weeks: Choose Your Own Adventure

October 8, 2017 blog


Howdy Tribe! I’m excited to be back to programming for you all. The next EIGHT weeks (rather than the usual six) will be a departure from our standard programming philosophy: generally, we prefer that athletes stick to a single programming track- Honey Badgers or Skunkworks- for the duration of a programming cycle. For this cycle, I’d like you to pick each day based on your perceived weakness- meaning, choose whichever workout you think will benefit you the most- Choose Your Own Adventure!

Below is a basic overview of each track’s focus, and how to choose your training for the day:

Honey Badgers: strict gymnastic strength, percentage of bodyweight, and midline stability

A quick look at the upcoming week will reveal that the main focus of the HB track is improving “strict” strength, both in the push and pull with the shoulders. Choose these days if you would like to improve your push up, ring dip, and pull up strength. Similarly, the midline is a critical aspect to quality of life and improving fitness, so expect a core-centric program on this track. Honeys will also have a special focus on the overhead squat- an excellent test of mobility and core strength. Both groups will be focusing on “unilateral”, or single-leg, squat strength and we’ll be using the barbell hip thrust to build glute strength. The HB group will base loading off a percentage of bodyweight, as this is a critical measure of ability outside of the gym. Can you squat what you weigh? Can you pick up what you weigh? Let’s find out!

Skunkworks: olympic lifting, application of high-skill movement, and percentage of max 

Let’s put those new 1-rep max numbers to work! Whereas the HB’s are working off of a percentage of their bodyweight for strength numbers, Skunks will use a percentage of their 1-rep max, and work off that. If you missed your opportunity to max out last week, we’ll make it work- no worries. In lieu of of a strength and stability focus in the shoulder and midline, the SW crew will be spending time with dynamic movement- lots of olympic lifting and high skill gymnastics. If you’ve got a good base of strict strength, this is where you should be spending some time- getting better at the more complex movements.

Both Groups will have a fun mix of classic CrossFit couplets and triplets; HB’s will enjoy a strongman-biased cycle (think carries, sleds, and sandbags), while Skunks will be using barbells a bit more.

I hope you all enjoy the workouts as much I enjoy planning them- and remember: choose your daily adventure based on what you need more than what you want- see a coach if you aren’t sure (we are quite aware of things you need to be working on, ha!).



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