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The New Cycle: CVFMABTMD

September 26, 2016 blog

CVFMABTMD, or for those that aren’t in the know, constantly varied, functional movement across broad time and modal domains. Still a bit a of a mouthful- how about we simplify a bit further:


This for the first 6 weeks of the fall, we’ll be returning to our roots with fun workouts that will challenge the fittest of the tribe, while still being accessible to even the newest recruits. Couplets, triplets, chippers, strength days, and single-modality days (AKA the dreaded cardio) will all play a part in the programming. Every day will be a bit different, and we won’t be specifically hitting certain movements on certain days like have in in recent cycles.

Heart and barbell will be continuing to work on the big lifts, with the next few weeks devoted to pause complexes and simple, tough, assistance exercises.


See you at the box!


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