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The Mid-Summer Cycle is Here!

July 4, 2016 blog

Boating, Barbecue, and Barbells. Summer is here, and with it, the Mid-Summer Cycle!

For the next 6 weeks we’ll be returning to an old favorite, this time with a bit of a twist. Escalating Density Training has been a staple at CFCDA for a few years now, and the time is right in the macrocycle to revisit EDT. The twist? New movements, and for the first time, we’ll be hitting four movements in a single class instead of two.

The goal behind EDT is simple: maximize quality reps of a given movement, in a set timeframe. Athletes don’t have to worry about specific sets, they simply go back back and forth between two movements. We usually pair movements that complement each other, like a squat and a pull, or a deadlift and a press- that way, when one muscle group fails, you can switch to other and recover (a little). Generally, athletes use a load that they are confident with for around 10 reps- but at the go, they only do 5 reps, then switch to the second movement. This back-and-forth continues for the next 15 minutes, or until the athlete accrues their rep goal (which is posted with every workout). If you hit your goal, the following week you can add load, or increase the difficulty of the movement (think strict push ups instead of from the knees). This progression continues for the entire 6 week cycle.

EDT is a favorite for a reason: you’ll get stronger, move better, and work your butt off- all at once! We’ll be doing EDT twice per week- make sure you reserve your spot!

In addition to EDT, both groups will have a strong focus on horizontal pulling and unilateral movement for this cycle. Horizontal pulling refers to movements like ring rows, bent over rows, and renegade rows- all critical to the health of your shoulder and upper back, and great for learning how to use your “wings”. For those athletes looking to improve pull up strength, don’t miss these movements.

Unilateral movement means that we’ll be working one side of your body at a time- movements like lunges, single-leg deadlifts, and one arm presses. These are wonderful for helping athletes and coaches ID weaknesses that may be masked by using both legs or arms- and in turn, balancing the body can really take your training to the next level, while preventing injury.

Skunks will see weightlifting movements once to twice per week, with classic CrossFit couplets and triplets as well. Honeybadgers will enjoy plenty of their favorite movements, in a time-priority setting (think AMRAPs). Both groups will get plenty of drags, pushes, and carries. The overarching goal for this cycle is to set the group up for a solid bit of training come the late summer, and have a blast doing it. Enjoy!

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