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The Megmanny Cycle

April 24, 2017 Uncategorized
Welcome to the Megmanny (Meagan, Matt, Channy) cycle!  This first week will be a good transition week, both groups together with longer sweaty workouts.  Then following that skunks will have more strength focus skill sessions with the barbell and WOD’s to match.  Honeys will keep focusing on endurance, core strength and will also be touching the barbell for fun technique work.  Get ready for our “Road to Regionals” Friday team workouts (thank you Mike Gregg for the suggestion)… our competition team is working hard getting ready for regionals and we need to make sure their biggest fans are the fittest fans in the region so we are ready to cheer loudly the weekend of June 2-4!
Have fun working hard and getting sweaty!
Meagan, Matt & Channy

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