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The Late Summer Cycle

August 11, 2016 blog

The late summer cycle starts on August 15th and runs for 6 weeks.

As we enter the last part of the summer, the training focus at CFCDA will once again shift. We’ll use that new found strength built through Escalating Density Training and push some rep maxes (skunks), as well as hit some good old fashioned tough CrossFit benchmarks. Expect both programs to be a little less regimented in terms of repeating strength work, and a little more free flowing. Skunks will continue to hit plenty of strength work to include percentages and rep maxes, while Honey Badgers can expect to do some longer, sweatier work with a focus on body weight and kettlebell movements.

The Heart and Barbell class (Tuesdays and Saturdays) will alternate the snatch and clean & jerk, starting each day with segments of the full lift, then spending some time working on heavy pulls from the ground. They’ll finish each session with some strength accessory work. If you’re looking to hone your lifting skills, DO NOT miss this class!

For those Honey Badgers out there that enjoyed the extra time on the barbell and want to continue, this is the perfect time to make the switch to the Skunks program. Like the HB’s, the Skunks program is scalable so there’s no need to worry “what if I can’t do everything?” That is what our awesome coaches are here for! If you enjoy more barbell work, this program is designed specifically for you!


We’re going to switch the individual warmup a bit for this cycle. The new warmup will be:

-Symmetry Bands

Then a superset of;

-2×10, Goat Bagger with a light kettlebell

-2×10, Glute Bridge with a 2 second squeeze at the top of each rep


With these 2 movements we’re focusing on two things: reinforcing a good hip hinge, and activating the glutes. A proper hip hinge is crucial any athletic movement, but it’s also important for daily life. We regularly see people who lack a hinge hinge try to move things with their lower back. The spine should be stable and locked into a neutral position when you’re lifting any object. Movement should only happen at the hip joints. But if you’re lacking that proper hip movement you’re going to default to┬áthe next closest joints, which in this case are the vertebrae of the lumbar spine. It’s very common for people with tight, immobile hips to have chronic back pain, and this is exactly what we want to avoid.

The glute bridge is a great movement to activate the glutes, which ties in well hip the hip hinge (these muscles extend the hips form the bottom of the hip hinge). It’s fairly common for folks these days to have poor glute recruitment, instead opting to use their quads and back muscles to lift objects. Activating the glutes is going to help your lifts as well as get you that CrossFit booty you’ve always wanted.

And remember, this individual warmup is to be done on your own at the start of class. Class starts promptly at 5 minutes after the hour (5 after the half hour in the pm), so please show up on time and get it done. If you show up at 9:05, we expect you to do your individual warmup before jumping into class.

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