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The Heart of the Liger Cycle, starting Jan. 1st

December 29, 2017 blog

Who feels fat and nasty after the holidays? Keep your hands in the air. Who’s ready to start training hard, and get ready for the Open? Alright!! Time for the “Heart of a Liger” Cycle.¬†What’s a Liger? It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for it’s skills in magic.

The next 6 week cycle will focus on building capacity through increasing unbroken sets of wallballs as well as interval training. There will also be some rep maxes on the major lifts for Skunks and plenty of stability and midline strength for the Honey Badgers. Expect the next 6 weeks to be fun, hard, and effective… see you in the gym!


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