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The Early Summer Cycle is Here!

May 21, 2016 blog

The Early Summer Cycle will be 6 weeks and run from May 23rd-July 2nd. Here are what both groups will be focusing on:


Yasso 800 Progression: we’ll use the running fitness we built over the last cycle to push our limits of aerobic capacity. Named after running coach Bart Yasso, the idea is that you can predict your marathon time by running 10x800m at the same pace. If your 800 pace is 3:10 on all intervals, you’ll have a 3 hour 10 minute marathon. While we’re not using the progression to run a marathon, it will be an effective tool for building cardiovascular fitness.


Strength test: deadlifts. We’ll test our pulling strength in week 1, and again during week 6. Expect to see plenty of deadlifts in the coming weeks.


Capacity test: both groups will also do a capacity test in the form of a 20 minute AMRAP during week 1 and retest again on week 6. The Yasso 800’s will help this area improve.


Tuesday benchmark: we’ll be hitting a classic CrossFit benchmark every Tuesday!


Saturday sled punishment: expect a nasty sled workout each Saturday (weather permitting). There’s nothing more functional than dragging heavy weight, and it’s good for recovery to boot.


Honey Badgers: virtuosity sessions. Each week expect to spend some time focusing on some of the simpler movements, and becoming a virtuoso at them. The mark of a great CrossFitter is one that can perform the common uncommonly well… this should be everyone’s goal! Expect a long grinder to follow where we take the points of performance from the virtuosity session and apply them in a workout.


Read “Virtuosity” by Greg Glassman.


Skunks: 20 rep back squat progression. We’ll establish a solid number during week one (with some left in the tank), and add weight every week. These get hard, but they build incredible squatting power!


If you’ve been on the Honey Badger program and want to focus more on lifting and performance based training, this is a great time to make the switch. Remember, both programs are scalable- choose the one that fits your goals!


And remember, get out and use your fitness! It’s summer in North Idaho and this is what we train for! Get on that bike, hike that mountain, and have fun!

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  1. I <3 deadlifts!! Best cross fit gym in North Idaho!

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