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The 2016 Open Recap: A Stronger Tribe Than Ever

April 4, 2016 blog


The 2016 Open has come to a close, and all of us- coaches and athletes alike- can finally exhale a bit, and get back to a normal workout routine. As coaches, the Open is a five-week reminder of what it is like to not know the workouts that are coming down the pipeline-and there is a certain excitement to that. We get answers to the big question: did we prepare our athletes for the “unknown and unknowable”? As athletes, we get a chance to see how we stack up against both past versions of ourselves, and the on biggest whiteboard in the world- no other time of the year gives us that opportunity, and it can be both exciting and sobering. As a gym, as a community of athletes, as the CFCDA tribe, the Open is and always was one of the most rewarding and exciting times of the year. The camaraderie we experience as we cheer for our fellow athletes, both in person and via social media, reminds us what a special place CFCDA is.


that first muscle up feeling!

This years’ Open was no exception- we witnessed countless PR’s; regularly saw our athletes exceed their own expectations; and had an amazing time throwing back a few brews, chatting, and cheering every Friday night. From a results standpoint, the highlights include the numerous first bar muscle ups, double unders, and clean PR’s from the group (click here to see a compilation of first bar muscle-ups). Individually, we had some incredible performances, with 3 of The Tribe moving on to the Masters’ Qualifier by placing in the top 200 WORLDWIDE of their respective age brackets: Gina Schuette (W45-49), Tori Gray (W55-59), and Linda Lanker (W60-65). We’ll be excited to rally around them, as the Masters’ Qualifier workouts are released!





Sadly, this marks the first year that CFCDA will not be sending athletes to the West Regional- all streaks must end, and rather than stew over missed reps and opportunities, we’ve taken this as the impetus to double our efforts, and give every athlete at CFCDA who wants to push for Regionals next year the support and framework they need to succeed. To that end; we’ve opened up a 5-day per week competitor class, open to anyone who is willing to put the time in. The “CFCDA MisFits” will follow competitive programming from MisFit athletics– the training group will meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, and Saturdays from 10-12. Anyone who’d like further info needs only to see a coach, or ask to join the “CFCDA MisFits” Facebook group. Specific FAQs, workouts times, and training-group chatter can all be found there.

Every year in February, we brace ourselves for the 5-week hurricane of AMRAPs that is the Open- and by the end of March we are both happy and a bit disappointed to see it end. Savor your small victories, and use those little defeats to fuel your training for the months to come- but most importantly, enjoy the process. As we close out the winter with the Open, we move on to spring and all it brings: rec-league sports, hiking, biking, camping, triathlons, boating, and paleo challenges await!

And that big question? After watching our athletes crush old times, break numerous PR’s, and push as a group towards new levels of fitness, we can happily say that yes, our athletes were well prepared for the unknown and unknowable aspect of the Open- though we didn’t send a team on to Regionals, the group is fitter than ever before. At the end of the day, CFCDA is about finding a healthy lifestyle, and having a blast doing it- we’ll keep making fitness fun- all you have to do is show up!


things got a bit weird.


…and then we notched the crazy to 11.

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