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New Year Paleo Pal Challenge!

Bring in the New Year with a resolution you’ll actually stick with! The next challenge starts Jan. 7th; this version of the Paleo Challenge will be a team effort. Pick a partner (or have one picked for you), then you’ll then do a team tester WOD (TBA). As partners, you’ll;

Keep eachother motivated and consistant with your workouts

Keep eachother on track with nutrition

Swap recipes and ideas

Feel like an A-hole if you bag out early

Train together (whenever possible)

Part of changing your lifestyle habits for the better involves having a good support community to fall back on; doing it alone can be difficult and frustrating. So, find a partner and get going! PALEO PALS!

Click the links below for the .pdf rules:

Page 1

Page 2

* This awesome picture, which is very appropriate for a team Paleo Challenge, is from the book Paleo Pals. You should buy it for your kids. (Author is from Everyday Paleo).