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What Is Crossfit?

At CrossFit Cd’A, group CrossFit classes are designed to achieve the fitness goals of our varied community: you’ll find fire fighters, grandparents, professionals, homemakers, and more- all working side by side in a fun, supervised environment. The beauty of CrossFit is that each workout can be scaled to suit your individual fitness level- you are always fit enough to start!

Our knowledgeable CrossFit coaches lead each class; all you need to do is show up! You’ll be led through a warm-up, skill session, workout, and finally a mobility/stretching session- all in one hour. The workout changes everyday- so you’ll never get bored, and your fitness gains will continue indefinitely!

Where to start? Fitness 101

Fitness 101 is designed to prepare anyone and everyone who is ready to give CrossFit a try! The course consists of three 1 on 1 sessions with you and a coach. In addition to teaching the basics of safe movement, we’ll also introduce you to our concept of fitness as a lifestyle, not just a gym membership.

  • We’ll answer questions like:
  • “What kind of food should I eat in order to reach my goals, and how much?”
  • “How does sleep affect me?”
  • “What supplements are worth the money?”
  • “I have a previous injury that has stopped me from working out in the past- how do I work around that?

At the end of Fitness 101, grads will be prepped and ready for our CrossFit group class! Cost for Fitness 101 is $99 for your 3 sessions. To schedule your first session, choose one of the times on the calendar below. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, contact us and we will get something scheduled. See you soon!