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Spring Cycle!

April 10, 2016 blog

The Open is over; spring is upon us, and with the change in seasons comes a new six-week training cycle! The buzzword for both training groups for this cycle is muscular endurance– we be focusing on your ability to move light-to-medium weight loads repeatedly. In addition to that, we’ll be paying particular attention to the following movements, modalities, and joints:

Running: both groups will enjoy a reintroduction to running! We’ll see running 1-3 times per week for the duration of this training cycle. As always, we’ll happily help any of our athletes that need to scale this movement for health reasons.

Loaded carries: picking up heavy things and walking around with them has long been recognized as a fast track to improved fitness. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts here; the combination of core strength, leg strength, grip, and back strength means this is a phenomenal total-body workout that will make you Country Strong!

Loaded Drags: the other side of the loaded carry coin; anyone who has been at CFCDA for a while knows of our love affair with sled drags. Now that the sun is coming out, we’ll be back in the alley, dragging that pig iron!

General conditioning: we have an amazingly deep pool of athletes here at CFCDA, and for the vast majority of you, spring means getting back to a favorite activity: Rec League softball and soccer; spring hunting, hiking, biking, and fishing; weekend running races, triathlons, obstacle racing, and more- our Spring Cycle will prep your body for your sport of choice!

Joint Focus- shoulder health and hip mobility: we’ll be doubling down on the shoulder therapy- in addition to the symmetry warm up, we’ll have finishers that will zero in on those shoulders. For the hips, we’ll be adding extra mobility at the end of class at least once per week!

What about those GAINZ? For athletes looking to keep chugging away at those strength goals, the Heart and Barbell Club will focus exclusively on percentage work for the next six weeks- we’ll be squatting heavy twice per week, doing a version of the deadlift once per week, and getting those big 3 olympic lifts done every week as well.

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