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Paleo Challenge!

December 31, 2013 Featured
Paleo Challenge: 6 week challenge from January 6th-February 14th
PART 1) What do I have to keep track of and what’s being judged?
A) Two Measurements: to be taken Jan 6 and again Feb 14th. Measure the same leg both times.
-waist at belly button
-thigh at biggest part
B)Before and After picture: to be taken Jan 6 and again Feb 14th. Must be FULL BODY! Take these on your own. Try to take them in the same place with the same clothes on. Females must be in sports bra/shorts and males in shorts only. Only the judges will see these. Keep both sets of photos and turn in along with everything else. Camera phones are fine.
-front: relaxed and biceps flexed
-one side: relaxed only
-back: relaxed and biceps flexed
C) Cheat Journal(Sheet): This time we are only keeping track of cheats, workouts and any bonus points. If you want to keep a full food journal that is up to you, but you must turn in the sheet provided to get graded for the challenge. The sheet will be provided for you to keep track of cheats and workouts. Every cheat will be -3 points and every workout will be worth +1 point. One male and one female with the most points at the end will win, prize money amount depends on how many sign up. Sign up on the desk at the gym on a clipboard, and cash only so it can easily be prize money at the end.

Can you clarify a “cheat”?

So obviously everyone is on the honor system for all of this, put the proof will be more in the pictures and measurements. So it’s simple, the less you cheat the greater chance you have of winning, so just keep that in mind. Just so everyone is on the same page and to make this easy, yes a bite counts as a cheat. If you have to ask yourself or anyone else if it counts as a cheat, its probably a cheat. 🙂


Can you clarify a work out?

You will give yourself +1 point for every hour of moderate-intense activity you do. Yes you can count shoveling your driveway. If you go skiiing just estimate how many hours you were actually going down the mountain, not drinking beer in the lodge. If you’re moving a lot, count it. See yoga below in bonus points.

PART 2) What can I and can’t I eat?
I have attached a detailed chart in Honey Badgers and on the Crossfit website/blog for you to view! If you’re unsure, eat: meat, veggies, nuts & seeds, some fruit and no sugar. Notice the one glass of red wine/night. While it won’t be counted as a cheat, if your goal is a body composition change, I would not recommend 7 glasses of wine/week, just saying.

PART 3) Bonus points: You may receive +1 point for any of the following:

-Trying a new recipe and posting it to the CFCDA Honey Badgers page on Facebook.

-For every week you have only one alcoholic beverage/week you can receive a point.

-Give yourself a point for every 10 minutes of mobility you do outside of a Crossfit class.If you do a yoga class its only +1 point.
Pick up the rules at score sheet at the gym on the desk or download it from CFCDA Honey Badgers group on Facebook. The eating guide is also on Honey Badgers. If you don’t have Facebook email and she will send it to you!

5 responses to “Paleo Challenge!”

  1. Tori Gray says:

    Hey gang! Some of you may not be aware of our “CFCDA Honey Badger” group on Facebook. It’s a great place to interact with other members and keep up with what’s going on around the gym. It can be especially helpful for support and advice during a Paleo Challenge! Any and all current CFCDA members are welcome to join, the more the merrier!! (Just note that the group is for members only, not friends, spouses, etc.).

    To get in with the cool kids, go here and request to join:

    [Unfortunately, we do get spammers trying to get into the group, so it’s possible that if your FB profile is super private and/or unusual you might get a message just trying to verify you are a member. Don’t be offended, it’s nothing personal. Darn those spammers! 🙂 ]

  2. Deborah McCormick says:

    What types of activities count as mobility besides yoga?

  3. Meagan Mylan says:

    Deb- Mobility would be like stretching, foam
    Rolling, lacrosse ball, or any type of pre/rehab type excersises. So a lot of the things we do for warm up and cool down would fit into the mobility category. Ask a coach , read the Supple Leopard book at the gym, or visit for more ideas!

  4. Amy Dorazi says:

    Someone asked about the paleo shepherds pie… It looks totally off limits, according to the list there are no peas, potatoes of Any kind ( not even sweet potatoes are listed as allowed) and no butter or even ghee.
    But you can make the topping with puréed cauliflower and it will turn out ok… Not the same but less carbs and still tasty if you add good herbs and spices.:-) There are lots of recipes online to swap the potatoes for cauliflower. 🙂
    Cauliflower also makes a really great rice and spiralized raw zucchini make really tasty pasta noodles for under a great grass fed beef sauce. Yum yum.

  5. Amy Dorazi says:

    Lol! I totally missed that sweet potatoes are allowed in moderation…. I wasn’t looking at that column… Oops… I know for myself they are not optimal for weight loss tho. Cauliflower for me!

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