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Open Gym: What You Need To Know

October 16, 2017 blog

A few of our eagle-eyed athletes have noticed the newest offering on the schedule, Open Gym- something that many of you have inquired about over the years. Do you have a bit of extra strength work, or cardio you’d like to add in? Maybe you missed a workout earlier in the week, and want a crack at it? Open Gym is now available!

Below is a quick overview of the Open Gym hours rules- read up, and ask a coach if you have any questions!

-Please chat with a coach before starting any extra work during Open Gym.

-Reserve your spot, like any other class- space is very limited (usually to 6 athletes). If the spaces are taken, you’ll have to wait.

-Have a plan. If you need personal training, or a program, see a coach. We can help!

-Be considerate. Don’t use loud equipment or drop barbells when a concurrent class is in session, and the coach is talking (7, 10, 6pm).

-Manage your time. Expect the 7am session to end at 8. For the 10am session, all workouts MUST be complete by the start of the noon class (not 12:05). The 6pm session starts at 6, not 5:30.

-A note regarding coaching: All Open Gym times will have a CF-L1 coach on site. That said, the coach is not tasked to coaching Open Gym athletes. They will either be coaching a class, running personal training sessions, or working out. If you want coaching, come to class, or chat with a coach about setting up some personal training.

To reiterate: Open Gym is the ONLY time when it is allowed to come in and do programming that is not the regularly scheduled workout. All other times are “class only”- specifically, the 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30pm (until 6) sessions. This goes for all athletes, including competitive semi-pro exercisers.


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