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New Cycle- Gymnastiness: Becoming a Ninja!

July 16, 2017 blog

One of the beautiful things about CrossFit is the fact that there is so much variety, you can always attack weaknesses and work on something different. This next cycle is going to be veeeeery different. Both groups are going to work on controlling their body in space, through gymnastics skills and drills. Not only are these drills specifically designed to make you better at the body weight movements we do in CrossFit, the strength, flexibility, and coordination will carry over into other movements we do (even barbell stuff). Expect to get just plain better!

We’ll be following SkillWOD on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday will focus on the muscle up for Skunks and shoulder stability for Honey Badgers. Wednesday will be handstands for both groups, and Friday will be pull-up bar work for both groups.

Unlike some of the past cycles, both groups will be doing very similar movements so you’ll be free to choose what option you do on any given day. For example, if the muscle up drills are out of your capacity on Monday, switching to Honey Badgers for the day will fit in perfectly. That being said, doing two a days (Skunks in the am and HB’s in the pm) will not work, as you’d be doubling up on the same or similar movements. But both group will be working together every day, which is always fun!

There are going to be several new drills each day, so do yourself a favor and go to the WOD page and watch all the videos for the day. Anything in blue is a clickable link with a demo video.

Want more barbells in your life? Tuesdays will be barbell focused, and Saturday’s Heart and Barbell club will be crammed full of cleans and snatches. As the cycle progresses and everyone gets the hang of the new gymnastics drills, expect to see more barbell stuff sprinkled in as well.

Now lets get Gymnasty!

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