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January 26, 2016 blog

L to R: SFH Push, Rx Bars, SFH Fuel, Glyco Drive, Driven Creatine

You may have noticed a few new additions to The General Store- or, more appropriately, our “2×3 Shelf of Stuff You Can Buy”. Here’s a quick overview of what it is, and why you might try it:

SFH Fuel– Protein plus coconut fat. Also: tasty. Mix it with some cold brew coffee in the am, and mind. blown. The bummer: fat doesn’t like to mix with water (who knew?), so it always stays a bit lumpy. Not a deal breaker though.

SFH Push- PreWOD. Folks either take it or leave it; while there is “science” behind it, I’d wait till some solid randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials come out before I started shouting that from rooftops. However, there’s a great saying: “A placebo effect is still an effect”- Dumbo’s feather or not, some athletes really do feel it helps- if you’d like to try it, we have single serve packs. Personally, I like it, and the taste has grown on me.

Micronized Creatine– along with BCAA’s, one of the only supplements actually clinically proven to make a difference. In general, the rub is this: supplementing with creatine can help mitigate soreness, aid in muscle growth, and help peak power output. It can also make you retain water- so there’s that.

GlycoDrive: great for athletes looking to add carbohydrates to their post-WOD nutrition, especially those with and enduro focus. This stuff is highly digestible, easy to portion, and mixes well. Being an endurance nerd myself, I like it.

RxBars: quality ingredients, good taste. Not a meal replacement. Say it with me: “this should not be lunch”. Great as a way to add some quality calories in a pinch, and satisfies the “treat” itch. Also: sticks to your teeth well, so you can save some for later.

Retail sales has been something that we’ve grudgingly added to the gym over the years; we don’t see it as a Reason To Do Business. That said, we know all you guys will want this stuff, and we know we can at least a) make sure that you have access to the best quality supplements and protein, and b) make it available to you cheaper than you can get it anywhere else (seriously: we are kicking amazon’s ass on protein prices. Take that Bezos).

As always, ask your friendly neighborhood CrossFit coach if you have any questions about any of these products, and whether or not they make sense for you!

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