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Memoirs of a CrossFit Mama

November 7, 2015 blog

Memoirs of a Crossfit Mama

Well, baby Hazen is now over 7 months old! My how time flies! I’m no longer coaching at CFCDA very much, because let’s be honest, I have NO time! However, I still make it to the gym regularly as an athlete.  No, it’s no longer 5 times a week and sometimes I struggle to get to the gym even 3 times, but I still get my butt in.  

I’ve seen multiple mamas struggle both before having their babies and post partum.  I struggled myself.  I was so tired and sick throughout my pregnancy that forcing myself out of bed was hard enough, let alone getting to the gym.  I was NOT the glowing pregnant lady.  My labor wasn’t completely ideal either.  After my water broke I labored for 21 hours before baby Hazen decided to make his grand entrance.  While I was in the worst of it, I shooed Derek out of the hospital to go do an open workout for a second time to boost our score (priorities right ☺ ).  But I can’t complain, after 9 months of struggling, I had a BEAUTIFUL crying baby boy on March 23, 2015.

I gave myself two weeks to rest and on the 14th day I was BACK in the gym!  By “back”, I mean was hanging out, rolling out, socializing and maybe throwing in a few knee pushups, ring rows and some partial squats.  And by a “few” I literally mean less than 20 each.  It took me WEEKS to feel normal again.  Between cloth diapering and going back to work full time at 6 weeks postpartum, after 7 months, I am still not back to my competitive pre-baby strength and stamina.  BUT, I FEEL great! I may not be able to deadlift or squat as much as I used to, and YES, there are a lot of girls at the gym who have far surpassed me as a competitive athlete, but I FEEL great!  I FEEL great! I can’t say it enough.  

My priorities have completely shifted.  I know I said that I would be back up to speed for 2016 Regionals, but I no longer have that desire that is required to be so competitive.  My desire now is to stay healthy and be able to cart around my chunky rolly polly 20lb baby boy and keep up on adventures with my husband… I don’t need a 300lb back squat for that.  Three times a week as a honey badger is now PERFECT for me and my goals.  Baby thrusters and sled drags with Hazen in his carrier is exactly what I need both for my fitness and my sanity ☺.  With that said, I wouldn’t even be able to do that much without the love and support of our Tribe.  I am sooooo thankful to everyone who has helped by pushing his car seat on the rings, sticking his pacifier back in his mouth, tickling his tootsies when he is grumpy and holding him while he screams for the last few minutes of my workouts.

I’m BACK! BACK to the gym! BACK to feeling great! And BACK to my now mommy self ☺.

One response to “Memoirs of a CrossFit Mama”

  1. Chandra says:

    Awesome! You are one fit mama and I was so happy to have you in one of my classes last week! Keep it up!

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