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Hard Work Pays Off: Feb 12-Mar 24

February 12, 2018 blog


Those perusing social media these days will oftentimes see that hashtag, usually along side a pic of a particularly nasty workout- or if you follow Matt Fraser, as a simple caption under a photo with his second consecutive CrossFit Games gold medal.

After a great year of training, we’ve come full circle to another CrossFit Games Open- the next 6 weeks will focus on preparing your bodies for the weekly Open test, while providing, fun, challenging workouts throughout the week.

Our general week will flow as follows:

Monday: high skill/high rep 

Tuesday: work capacity/interval

Wednesday: heavy load

Thursday: skill developement/interval training 

Friday: Open 18.x- FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

Saturday: Buddy CrossFit 

Want to know more about the Open? Stay tuned for more info on this blog, Facebook, and IG!

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