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Breathing Fire! The next 6 week cycle.

August 26, 2017 blog

We just finished up our 6 week “Gymnastiness: Becoming a Ninja” cycle, and there were some great improvement in our movements and ability to control our body in space.

The next cycle is going to shift focus to building our cardiovascular capacity. We are bringing back ole’ Mr. Yasso (did you miss him?). This is our version of a marathon training program, read about it here.

We’re also bringing back our 5 minutes of individual warmup… so, show up on the hour (on the half hour in the pm), and get those shoulder bands done! They are so critical to our long term shoulder stability and health.

Skunks will be hitting plenty of barbell stuff, including some weekly 20 rep back squats… make sure you record those numbers, we’ll be building on them each week!

Honey Badgers will be revisiting the “Virtuosity” session. For those of you who haven’t been around when we’ve done these in the past, virtuosity means mastering the basics. Sure, we can all crank through some “OK” air squats, but the magic (and the fitness) really happens when we perfect them. EVERYONE can improve by focusing on becoming a virtuoso on the foundational movements.

Bring on the next cycle!

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