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Athlete of the Month: Tia Vesser

December 1, 2017 blog

Tia could be one of the most hard working athletes to come through our doors. She is currently kicking butt and training to get as close to the Crossfit Games as possible, sometimes working about 3 times a day to get in all her work!

In October she took first place in one of the biggest competitions in the North West. Her determination, drive and great athletic abilities are going to take you far Tia! And CFCDA loves supporting you on this awesome journey you’re on!

How long have you been doing Crossfit?

3 years

What is your Athletic Background if any?

Sport has consumed my life.  I love everything about it!  It’s why I’m a PE teacher.

Gymnastics , tennis and softball during elementary and middle school. High school was 4 years of volleyball, basketball, softball and track.  Later in life, I found Ironman and completed 7 races here in Cd’A. My favorite one was in 2013 when my daughter, Teigan, did it with me while finishing up her senior year of high school

How did you get started with Crossfit?

I blame Kevin Whiteside.  A group of 10 of us were training to do a Tough Mudder together.  He put out an “all call” to see if any of us would like to join him for a “Bring a Friend” day at CFCDA.  I was the only one that accepted his invite and have been hooked ever since!

What are some of your Hobbies outside Crossfit?

My hobbies usually take place during the summer time…..softball and Priest Lake. Oh, and I like eating all of Emily’s baked goods!!

What are 3 things we at Crossfit don’t know about you?

1 – I don’t grow hair on my legs.  I never have to shave!!!  I hear it’s a real time saver.

2 – I’m a germaphobe!  I’ve learned to deal with barbells and KBs, but I won’t touch anything in a bathroom or restaurant.  My family and good friends have accepted their role of menu flipper and condiment sprinkler during dinner trips. And I only high-5 a close friend; all fist bumps after that.

3 – In addition to my sports, I was also a cheerleader and in the marching band during high school.  I became an expert at speed changing during halftime of home football games.

(on a side note:  I think high school prepared me for my current life.  Cheer practice before school – HELLO to my 6 AM peeps, band practice and school during the day – I teach at Canfield Middle School, and sports after school – I now coach all the things)

Whats your favorite thing about our Box?

Some of my most favorite humans are the ones I’ve met at CFCDA (Troutdale Poopy House Clan).  It’s become my home away from home and I look forward to being them every single day. Where else can you commiserate with like-minded pain-lovers while laughing your ass off?!?

I also truly appreciate that all of our coaches see the differences in each individual and treats them as such.  They can pinpoint strengths, weakness, injuries, mobility issues and break everything down for each person to help them progress to their own unique goals. You are taken care of!  Our coaches are truly there to make us better athletes and healthy individuals.  I don’t say Thank You enough to them!

I also love that my son enjoys it as much as I do.  Sometimes, it might be the only time I get to see him during the week because of our schedules.

What other boxes have you been too?

Max Effort in Vegas and Double Edge in Reno

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