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Athlete of the Month: Super Mama T!

November 12, 2015 blog

Mama T doesn’t even know she got selected for Athlete of the month, so congrats Tori! About a year ago we featured Tori for a powerlifting meet, but she has more than earned athlete of the month this time! She has been working hard CrossFitting, personal training with me for olympic lifts and personal training with anotherĀ trainer to get swole. Talk about goalzzzz. She has been getting ready for a big weightlifting meet this week and she lifts on Friday, so what perfect time to feature her.

She always tells me that competing scares the poo out of her, but she does it anyways. That’s called facing your fears folks, and maybe that is why Tori is so successful in a lot of things.

ToriĀ has been a member for over 5 years and she helps us out with so much, this recognition is very overdue. I told her (gave her the evil stare to do it) to do a little write up, but little did she know it was for this! We love you Mama T and appreciate everything you do for our Tribe!


Mama T running the show at the Open competition, always with a smile!


Showing her CFCDA pride at 2014 regionals!

“Well, Miss Meagan, you asked about my meet so here goes. It is the American Masters meet in Savannah Georgia, which is one of the 2 big national Masters meets held each year. That’s not as impressive as it sounds, there is no qualifying for this meet, just pay your money and show up. This meet is pretty big, there will be around 250 lifters. Still, I think there will only be a couple other ladies in my division, since it’s broken down into 5-year age groups and then into weight classes.

My goals for this meet are pretty modest. I did a meet a month ago in Boise and was happy with how it went, especially a 121# C&J to competition standards. But training doesn’t always go well and the last few weeks I’ve struggled, so I’m trying to balance staying positive with being realistic. You only get 3 attempts at each lift, and it would be a real bummer to get there and “bomb out”, not be able to hit your opening lifts and getting no score. So I may drop my openers a few kilos, to ensure I get a good lift in. Once I’m on the board I can reach a bit and try for the heavier stuff.


Tori at the American Masters where she will lift tomorrow!

In Boise I opened at 77# on the snatch, then got 84# and missed 88#. (This was actually 35-38-40 in kilos). I think I will open in Savannah at 75#, then to 82# then go for broke at 86#, as I haven’t been able to hit 85# in training the last few weeks, not to competition standards with no press-out. For the C&J, in Boise I did 106#-117#-121# (48-53-55 in kilos). I’ll see how I feel in warmup but might keep this same plan. Realistically I’m hoping to hit my opener and then have two shots at the 117#, which I would be super happy to get. Strange things happen in competition so who knows, maybe the stars will align and I’ll get the 117# on the first try, if that happens I’ll probably up my last attempt to 123# and try for a PR. Go big or go home, right?

Almost exactly a year ago, I was in Vegas doing a big Powerlifting meet. And here I am this year, doing an Oly lifting meet. It surprises me I keep signing up for things as competing gets me super nervous – but after 6 years of CrossFit I’ve found I like having some goal ahead of me that I’m working towards. Oly is my first love, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that even though I may never be very good at it, I just LIKE it – and that’s a good enough reason to do it.


Thanks for all your help, coaching me!”

2 responses to “Athlete of the Month: Super Mama T!”

  1. Randy Hutchison says:

    Really an awesome write-up Meagan. Tory you’re an incredible athlete…… Keep inspiring us!

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