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Athlete of the Month: Kelly Hubener

November 1, 2017 blog

Name:  Kelly Hubener

How long have you been doing crossfit?

         Almost 4 years.

What is your Athletic Background if any?

        Do 12oz curls at the bar count?

        I played volleyball and basketball when I was a kid but not much after 8th grade.

How did you get started with Crossfit?

          A few years ago I decided it was time for me make some changes in my life. I convinced my co-worker to try a crossfit boot camp with me and I was hooked. I loved all the weight lifting and accountability that came with group classes.

What are some of your Hobbies outside Crossfit?

      Anything outside! I enjoy fishing, traveling, kayaking, hiking, biking, going to see live music.

      I just got my hunting license so that is becoming a new hobby as well.

What are 3 things we at Crossfit don’t know about you?

      I once dated a professional wrestler, I can burp the alphabet backwards, and I used to be a rodeo clown. PS, lists are not my strong suit.

Whats your favorite thing about our Box?

    The people! I know this has been said before, but it is so true. I am blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of humans. My second favorite thing would be the glorious air conditioning we have for those hot summer months!

What other boxes have you been too?

    * The box formally known as Lotus Crossfit

     *Crossfit Central, Austin Texas

    * FBG Crossfit, Fredericksburg, Texas

Any other comments:

      Coming to crossfit has helped me in so many ways. This is the first time in my life I have stuck with a regular exercise program. It helps me through bad days, helped me quit smoking, and provides me with friends, laughter, and a consistently sore ass 🙂

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