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Athlete of the Month: Katie Jennings

September 8, 2016 blog

Katie has shown so much dedication and hard work, sometimes even showing up twice a day for a barbell and then Crossfit class. She is always excited to learn about something new and always reaching to improve. We love having you and thanks for always working hard Katie!


Name: Katie Jennings


How long have you been doing crossfit?

I started in November 2014 and joined here April 2015.

What is your Athletic Background if any?

I pretty much have no athletic background.  I generally disliked physical activity until the last 10 years or so. The first time I picked up a barbell was in boot camp for Crossfit.  It was terrifying. The first time I tried to do a full snatch with a PVC pipe I fell over. I fell a lot.  One of the most rewarding things about Crossfit has been keeping track of my numbers since I started and watching the improvements that I have made. But sometimes I still fall over.


How did you get started with Crossfit?

I needed to get active and to have something healthy to distract me post-divorce. I was completely intimidated, but I quickly fell in love with pushing my own limits and lifting heavy things.  Crossfit keeps me coming back.


What are some of your Hobbies outside Crossfit?

I enjoy the outdoors—hiking, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, XC skiing… I try to travel as much as possible.  Music, cooking and reading are also favorites, as well as enjoying red wine and craft beer.



What are 3 things we at Crossfit don’t know about you?

-I am the oldest of four girls (the youngest is 13) and my family is very important to me.  My mom and sisters are often my travel companions.

-I trekked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal for 3 weeks last November.

-I was choir nerd in high school and college. Now I’m just always down for karaoke.



Whats your favorite thing about our Box?

I love that the coaches are supportive and take extra time to show you ways to improve. They are invested in our success.  I also like Heart and Barbell.


What other boxes have you been too?

I started at Lotus, but besides that I haven’t been to another box. My goal is to try at least once on my next trip to get out of my comfort zone.


Any other comments:

I never thought I’d see my name and the word “athlete” together.  Ha! My family also finds this hilarious.  Don’t put that in there.       Sorry, I had to put it in there! Hehe! ~Meagan

2 responses to “Athlete of the Month: Katie Jennings”

  1. Sean Cleave says:

    Awesome job, Katie!

  2. David Hiteshew says:

    Way to go Katie! Congrats on taking control of your fitness!

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