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Athlete of the Month: Gez Schneider

August 17, 2015 blog

Gez has had such an awesome spirit and attitude here during her journey to becoming healthy and fit…and this is just the beginning! Gez set 5 or 6 PR’s in the month of July and just keeps getting better! She really has taken to writing everything down in her workout log and it pushes her to get those extra few reps or seconds off when she is retesting a workout. So happy to have you here Gez!


How long have you been doing Crossfit?

On and off for over 3 years. I only came during the summer months the first two years. I teach skiing and was not fit enough to Crossfit & ski. This last winter is the first winter I could do both! I’ve now consistently been crossfitting the last 16 months.

What is your athletic background?

I enjoyed Field Hockey in school & our family hiked every weekend and was lucky enough to do family ski trips to France, Italy, Austria & Switzerland but I was really a swimmer as a kid. My parents helped run a swim club, so the whole family spent most of our time at the pool. I didn’t like the coach always yelling at me with a stopwatch so I convinced my parents to let me switch to Synchronized swimming,. I trained every day and multiple times a day and was on the Northern England Squad winning medals in the solo, duet & team events. I was burnt out with that lifestyle by 16 yrs old though & left home.
At 20 yrs old I moved to Park City, Utah for Skiing but living the ski town life is more partying than being athletic!
I got hooked on Muay Thai Kick boxing for 3 years, when I went back to College in my late 20’s. It felt good to get in shape again. I excelled to the point they wanted me to compete in the ring…..that’s when I quit. I didn’t want to compete on that level. I just wanted to have fun & not be too serious competing all the time.
My dad got me back into hiking a few years ago. We’ve meet up in Europe to do two week hiking trips, in the Swiss Alps & Northern England. My parents are super fit and I realized it was time I got back into shape.

I’ve always skied & snowboarded for fun but got serious about my skiing when I became an Instructor 8 yrs ago. I trained really hard the last two years with some of the top coaches and Instructors in North West Division as well as the USA Demo Team.

How did you get started with Crossfit?
Susan Cliff! She was wonderfully persistent, for an entire year she kept telling me how I’d love it. I finally caved and tried. I’ll always be thankful to her.

What are some of your hobbies outside of Crossfit?
Skiing is my winter passion; I also love yoga, gardening, paddleboarding & hiking.

IMG_4786 IMG_5603

What are 3 things we at Crossfit don’t know about you?

I Lived quit a rebellious teenage life

• I left home at 16 and survived by becoming a London Punk, I would charge tourist to take my picture.

• I built a home in Holland when I was 18 yrs old made out of scrap, it didn’t cost me one penny. I even pulled all the nails out of the wood & straightened them to reuse. I lived with no electricity or running water for that year.

• The Queens Chauffer picked me up from the Police Station and took me to Buckingham Palace for the night, rather than having to sleep in a cell. ( its along story)

What’s your favorite thing about the box?
The mural on the wall :0)

What other box’s have you been to?

Any other comments?

I had a hard time my 1st year at Crossfit. I actually cried 3 times that first summer, purely out of frustration. It was sooooo hard! My elbows hurt on the airdyne, my knees hurt rowing, 800m or more, my wrists hurt lifting. BUT certain people made me come back for more! I met too many amazing people to quit.
Thankfully I learnt how food affects me and my joints became less inflamed. The coaches soon realized I just can’t do certain movements, so I was banned from anything over head (thank you Jonathan)
I’ve learnt so many scale outs and no longer get frustrated. I’m finally comfortable with what I can do and not worry about what everyone else can do. I love how Crossfit makes me feel and am thankful to our coaches and the friends I’ve made.
It’s an awesome community to be apart of.

7 responses to “Athlete of the Month: Gez Schneider”

  1. Tori Gray says:

    Yay Gez! You rock! What a great story.

  2. Robin Reese says:

    Such a fun story! Congrats on all your recent PRs Gez!

  3. Vicki Isakson says:

    Awesome life story to date! You are amazing:) Glad you joined us!!!

  4. Always fun to visit with you at the box! Glad you belong to the Tribe!
    The Buckingham Palace story sounds interesting…better told over an icy cold dark beer?

  5. Morag Prosser says:

    Gez it is always a fun day when you are at the box – I love your comment “I’m finally comfortable with what I can do and not worry about what everyone else can do.”

  6. Tia Vesser says:

    You’re amazing in so many ways! The tribe is lucky to be in your life story.

  7. Gez says:

    Thanks for the kind words! It’s a great tribe to be part off!

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