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Announcing the Honey Badger Games!

January 25, 2017 blog

Exciting news: the return of the second-annual Honey Badger Games- our in-house, pre-Open fun-for-all! On Saturday, February 18th, in lieu of regular classes, we’ll have a fun set of three Open-esque workouts for you and your bestie to cut your teeth on before the Big Show starts the following week. Here are the specifics:

When: February 18th, 8am-12pm

Where: CFCDA

Who’s invited: CFCDA members only 

Number of workouts: 3 

Cost to compete: free with sign up for the CrossFit Games Open/team CFCDA ($20) 

Prizes: hell yeah- for winners, best team name, and certain intra-WOD bonuses 

What kind of workouts, you ask? The fun kind. We’ll be seeing lighter loads, and movements that all athletes are comfortable with. Get a buddy, come up with a clever name (I don’t think anyone has claimed Booty and the Beast, yet…), and prepare for some face-melting fitness. The sign up sheet is on the kiosk; use either a pen or BLOOD.


(kidding, please use a pen)







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