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This Week at the Box: Sept 21-26

September 20, 2015 blog

And now, Spain. Posting this from the airport hotel in Madrid; I’m comin’ home! Excited to see you all.

Important news: As of press time, my CFCDA fantasy football team is winning.

We couldn’t get the daily WOD publishing to work (yet), so this week is fully published.  Some notes: Week 4; moar load. Expect a bit more loading this week. Honeys will have longer, sweatier WODs, as well. Heart and Barbell will give folks a chance to go heavy and test the big three oly lifts.

Monday: Week 4 of 5 of the split squat series. Skunks go heavy-ish with hang cleans, Honey’s find out what they are (man)made of.

Tuesday: Honeys will revisit the push up progression (band-resisted push ups, wut?), while Skunks will keep on working on the ring dips. The Hurtlocker, of #beatthecoach fame awaits Skunks. Honey’s get their KB Snatch on, with some runnin’. Heart and Barbell club at 6:30.

Wednesday: Snatch work for the skunks, while Honeys get ab-tastic with TGU and ab discs; Honeys have a fun chipper-style WOD; skunks are challenged by an OHS/PLU/DU triplet.

Thursday: Sled Drags, running, and farmer carries, for time.  Then Heart and Barbell club at 6:30.

Friday: The Devil’s Combo. That is all.

Saturday: #crossfitrowing WOD. This workout has slayed teams all across Europe, now it is time to see what the tribe thinks of it! . Heart and Barbell club at 7:30.



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